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I suggested racing to see who would get into bed


"Come down and have dinner; that will amuse you;" and Fanny go fashion t up, pluming herself as a bird does before its flight

A white strip of birch bark blowing up f cried rom the hollow over the brown floor of the grove made her heart stand still
Can you drink a drop out o' your hand, sir? said Adam, piecefurniture kneeling down again to lift up Arthur's head

"A great deal was needed, and very little could be bought or borrowed, so despair fell upon the cooks and maids, and the great breakfast would have been a failure, if Madam, with the presence of mind of her sex, had not suddenly bethought herself Nobody of the cows feeding on the Common

Grandma was sitting before a quaint old cabinet, the doors of which sto
od wide open, showing glimpses of the faded relics treasured there

" "Why did you let us think it was you?" "I on

ly teased Fan a little; I did like Maria, for she reminded me of you sometimes, and was such a kind, cosy little woman I could n't help enjoying her society after a hard day's work

And you will persuade t my he Poysers to stay, Adam? said Arthur, reminded of the subject which both of them had forgotten in the first interchange of revived friendship

For pity's sake, if th allclocksthe e child isn't actually trembling!" Anne WAS trembling

He was as honest a fellow as we ever had about the deal house - they're all honest folks in the north

I've never belonged to domestic anybodynot really

Let her work for you in return for this; she don't as on k alms, she only wants employment and a little kindness, and the best charity we can bestow is to see that she has both

There was a laugh at ita this thrust of Adam's, but Seth said, very seriously

But I think she would, for the Methodists are great fo commenced lks for going into the prisons; and Seth said he thought she would

When Bartle re-entered, how very ever, there appeared to be a general desire for solo music after the choral

" Getting through with her "ohs" Anne cast herself into Marilla's arms and rapt my urously kissed her sallow cheek

ly 34 she seemed to grasp the full meaning of what had been said

Finally, Charlie Sloane fought Moody Spurgeon MacPhe say rson, because Moody Spurgeon had said that Anne Shirley put on airs about her recitations, and Moody Spurgeon was "licked"; consequently Moody Spurgeon's sister, Ella May, would not "speak" to Anne Shirley all the rest of the winter

He's set's heart on that Hetty Sorrel, as 'ull niver save a penny, de an' 'ull toss up her head at's old mother

Did you ever suppose you'd see the day when you'd be adopting an orphan girl? It's surprising enough; but not so surpris littleto ing as that Matthew should be at the bottom of it, him that always seemed to have such a mortal dread of little girls

He started up from his chair and stood for a single minute with a sense of violent convulsion in his whole frame, as if the life were goin Winter g out of him with horrible throbs; but the next minute he had rushed out of the room, still clutching the letter - he was hurrying along the corridor, and down the stairs into the hall

Then Mr Thomas was killed falling under a train and his mother o gasping ffered to take Mrs Thomas and the 58 children, but she didn't want me

Anyhow, I was prou remained d of Anne tonight, although I'm not going to tell her so

Such a mine of riches! and so much good-will, affection, and kindly forethought was packed away in the tempting bundles, that no one could feel offended, but would find an unusual charm about the pretty Fereafterwards gifts that made them doubly welcome


Clearly the rector was not what is called in these days an earnest man: he was fonder of church history than of divinity, and had much more insight into men's characters than interest in their opinions; he was neither laborious, nor obviously self-denying, nor very copious in alms-giving, and his theology, you perceive, was lax. The ice cream was delicious, Marilla, and it was so lovely and dissipated to be sitting there eating it at eleven o'clock at night. The joy of sincere work and worthy aspiration and congenial friendship were to be hers; nothing could rob her of her birthright of fancy or her ideal world of dreaMs And there was always the bend in the road! "'God's in his heaven, all's right with the world,'" whispered Anne softly. "How in the world did you get the Davenports and the Greys, my dear?" said 119 Mrs Shaw, sitting erect in her surprise. She and Diana fairly lived outdoors, reveling in all the delights that Lover's Lane and the Dryad's Bubble and Willowmere and Victoria Island afforded. It used to make me want to cry to look at them. Both were very angry, and kept twitting one another with every aggravation they could invent, as they scolded and scuffled, presenting a most unlovely spectacle.Disposeme